Monday, June 15, 2009


It is always nice to say that a race went better than expected. I can honestly say that I did not want to race yesterday. My mind and body were out of it. I didn’t have one ounce of race day excitement and dreaded the starting line. All I can think was that I haven’t legitimately swam for about 2 weeks and my bike training has been all over the place. I have been training on the bike though it has been far from my normal routine so that made me nervous. The one thing I knew I could rely on was my run but that of course was if I made it to the run with some sort of ‘ready to run’ mentality.

Race day morning was very uneventful. I did get in a good laugh before the start. I had a cute 8-year-old girl do my body marking. She drew the P backwards on my leg and then decided the best plan of action was to attempt to quickly correct the mistake and you can probably visualize the result. Most of you will not find this funny but I have the sense of humor of a teenage boy so this was quite hilarious. I officially had a penis on the back of my leg.

Eagleman 70.3 Race day


It was a little chilly Sunday morning so of course, I decided it wise not to warm-up for the swim. Curse me all you want but I honestly thought I would have nothing to gain from a few wet strokes before the start. I did however get my ankles wet. Baby steps!

I positioned myself in the back of the girls. My heart was pounding out of my chest. I knew I would be feeling quite a bit of pain today and that is nerve-racking. GO! I start swimming and the worst thing happens…my already to dark tinted goggles completely fog up. This was no good. I could not see anything. No yellow buoys. No boats. Panic. Luckily, I spotted two girls in front of me. I thought, just stay with them. They were literally my eyes. About half way through the swim…I lost them. Now, I was in trouble. Where oh where do I swim? I was just hoping I wasn’t swimming into the deep Atlantic. Help! I managed to find my way but it was the absolute worst feeling in the world not knowing if you are going the right way.

Swim Time – 30:58


I jump onto my bike just glad that I was out of the water. My quads were not the happiest. I hoped that after a few miles they would begin firing. Come on legs. I shoved some food down, drank water, and did a few hard big gear pushes but the legs decided they were going to feel crappy and that was that. I needed some hills today to help my legs yet I was at Eagleman and flat, flat, flat is the name of the game. Boring! and there were no mile markers. No mile markers? Mentally that is tough. Am I at mile 30 or 35? UGH.

I miserably pushed. I convinced myself I had a headwind for the entire 56-miles. It was quite uneventful, painful yet uneventful. I wanted off that damn bike.

Bike Time – 2:27


I was excited to run. I was sick of the bike but knew I had energy and legs for some running. I did have to take a 40 second potty break. I had to go and there was no way around a porta-potty break.

The first mile is always an adjustment. My body had to reconfigure into running…stomach is always a little sloshy, legs a little loaded. By mile 2, I was feeling ready to go. Mile 3 I actually looked at my mile split and it was a 6:10! I kept saying, get into a rhythm, get into a rhythm. My head was down and I was a focused girl. I think at one point I was in 11th place. At the 6.5 mile turn around…I saw my victims. I knew I was going to be able to run myself into a decent position. I actually think I negative split the run. Yippee.

Now, pain was being felt. I could see all the girls ahead. I needed to go and make my move. Running. Running. Running. I moved into 8th and there was one more girl I could catch. 2 miles to go, I went for it. Catch her. Everything I had. ½ mile to go. I knew I had her but wanted to make sure that when I passed, I passed with speed. I was running on a fine line and honestly thought I was going to implode. ¼ mile to go…I made my move and just went hard. It hurt. 7th place. The finish line was glorious.

Run Time – 1:26

7th place Pro Woman
Race – 4:29


Amy Beth Kloner said...

congratulations on a solid day out there, kate. nice to meet you. and next time, please keep your word when you offer to let me draft off you in the swim, ok?! ;) (and i'll try to hang on...)
best of luck in the rest of your season.