Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Busy Little Bee

No, I did not fall off the face of the Earth...I may some day because I now live in California but not yet. Crazy my life has been. Here is my little run down in the past 3 weeks!!!

1. Getting Married -- Vermont
2. Racing Eagleman -- Maryland
3. 1 week notice that I am moving across this vast country -- Packing boxes in NYC
4. Move to Santa Monica -- California here I am
5. Find an apartment and wait for all of our stuff to arrive in 2 weeks

I am in limbo and am attempting to find some order in this whole mess. The good news is that I am in love with California and we found a beautiful apartment 3 blocks from the ocean. The bad news is that we are officially sleeping in sleeping bags and have absolutely no furniture, tv, computer or normalcy. Yikers but it is a fun new adventure.

All of you will be extremly proud of me...I have completed 2 masters swimming sessions and after todays set of 200s my arms are going to fall off. There are complete animals out here. Biking is insane. Running couldn't be better. My training has suffered a bit due to 'life' things to do though I am accepting my fate and doing what I can.

Chow for now----furniture shopping time. What a joy ; )