Saturday, May 30, 2009

To the West

Santa Monica here I come! I am moving to California in 2 weeks. Mike received a job offer out there 2 days ago. I loved that he asked me, are you ok with going to Santa Monica? Let me think…that would be a huge YES. This move will help both of us mentally and career wise. We actually are just moving there for fresh fruits and veggies (not really but makes it all that much sweeter).

I have only lived in NYC for 1 ½ years and I can’t say it has ever been my one true love. I sometimes felt so out place as most people were heads down and all business or tourists with absolutely no idea about proper sidewalk etiquette. I am ready for sunshine, beach time, and avocados right off the tree. The one thing I am worried about is getting into a training routine. I need workout partners asap. It will probably take awhile for me to find mid-day track buddies, awesome bike groups, and swimmers that can tolerate my lazy swimming habits but I think it will be easier than New York.

If you live in or near Santa Monica and have some sort of swim, bike or run abilities I will find you!


Ben said...

Congratulations Kate! I have a friend who lives in Carlsbad, CA and she is doing IMCDA. If you want the contact info, shoot me a message on Facebook.

Ben Lin