Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Race Week

Race week! I think my body knows all the hard training is done and it gets some much needed rest. Yesterday I took a complete day off. I slept and ate bananas. Most of the time I feel worthless when I take a rest day literally but yesterday I really didn’t have a choice as last week hurt me and my body just gave up on moving. Monday was sleep day. I did accomplish at least one thing and that was packing up my bike and shipping her off to Florida. Shipping the bike via UPS only costs $60 compared to the $275 from Delta. Delta is the absolute worst airline for bike traveling…avoid at all costs.

Today I did about 3 hours of training.

Run: 10 miles with 5x800 meter repeats
Bike: 1 hour easy with high cadence and single leg drills
Swim: 3k 100 repeats and 200 with surges (race start simulate)

My legs felt completely loaded today. Cement. My body also is in the process of making sure everything aches. I just am crossing my fingers that race day I come out firing.


Ben said...

Good luck Kate! I have friends coming down from Chicago area to race Florida too!

Ben Lin

Kate said...

Thanks Ben! The 1st race of the season is the toughest. Nervous.