Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I am very excited for the weekend as I have a training playmate coming into town. I have training partners here in the city but not triathlon training partners. They are all either just bikers or just runners and always feel much less beaten up than me. After a hard long bike, I still have a run and swim and they get to go eat bon bons and watch Seinfeld re-runs. I hate them…in a loving way.

This upcoming weekend will be the first time in my entire life that someone will be doing all my workouts with me. Brick runs, early morning swims, double session bikes…thank you Hillary! I need the mental boost as I am slowly going training crazy. Fortunately, Florida is just around the corner. 11 days to be exact.

I think the most exciting part is having someone to swim with me or actually, let me rephrase, watching someone else swim while I blow bubbles. Hillary is the best frickin’ swimmer on the ironman circuit. I am not. I try to work hard in the pool but all my pool days are alone and they are Cold (77-78 degrees insanity). I treat it as an ice bath. I never kill myself swimming. I don’t even want to kill myself swimming. I hurt myself in the pool but there is not any killing. Anyways, even since I was a little one…swimming was all about play time not work. What happened to cannon balls, snorkeling, and the dead man float? Trust me, I know my day of reckoning is coming---when I am the last pro coming out the water, I will realize I suck at life and will start attempting to crush swim sets.

Hooray for training buddies.

These were the good old days. I think I still need my floaties!