Thursday, May 21, 2009

My 1st Interview

I had my first ever athlete interview yesterday. It was pretty darn intense. It was for the T. Colin Campbell Foundation. T. Campbell is who wrote the book The China Study. According to the women conducting the interview, there are not too many ‘super’ athletes that eat a hardcore plant-based diet. I am a super athlete…exciting and also, a breath of fresh air---please, keep the compliments coming. I enjoyed that mental boost.

As for the interview itself, it was a 30-minute over the phone professionally recorded conversation. I was all nervous like I was back in the 8th grade giving a class presentation. It was a little awkward as the interviewer never popped in so I felt as though I just rambled on and on. I did my best. The last thing she asked me was, what are the top 3 ways a low fat plant-based diet has helped you athletically? There was about a 5 minute pause as my mind went blank. Darn it. Wasn’t ready for a top 3 type response. Blind side hit! This is what I came up with and yes, you may laugh at #3.

1. After switching my daily nutrition to a mostly raw fruit and veggie diet, my base weight without counting calories or having to go to bed with rumbles in my tummy is now 122. That is a 13 lb. difference from my original animal base weight at 135. All calories are not the same. I am lighter and leaner equaling faster and stronger.

2. Recovery time has improved drastically. I do not use any other recovery tool except my nutrition. I heal in no time and thank my fruits and vegetables for their miracle cures.

3. I now have a special aura. Yep, you heard it here first…I have an aura. What in the farnnies does that mean? It makes no sense but I couldn’t think of anything else aside from glowing auras. I’m telling you, I had nothing else. By the way, my aura is a bright green.

For my next interview, I promise to deliver and maybe skip the whole aura ridiculousness.