Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is my absolute favorite weekend to completely smash myself into the ground. I usually have a whole mess of people willing to hurt themselves right along side me and that is priceless. I was thrilled. Looking forward to jumping into my 2 weeks of hard training, I planned, prepped, and prepared but things just weren’t going to fall in my favor.

My bike was lost in the UPS world. They allegedly needed to recalculate pricing and check for mysterious bike box problems. I have no idea what that meant. All I knew was that my bike was not going to show up for smash fest weekend. My plan B was to ride my road bike that I have never ridden in my life. I wasn’t the happiest and needed a crash course on how to ride. Who rides road bikes? I looked like a deer on ice. How do I change gears? What are horns?

A mysterious illness completely knocked out Mike and had our travel plans on hold as his body cranked up the internal heat and he lay motionless for 24 hours. Poor Mike! I went to another Plan B…swim 7500 yards then push power on the bike trainer until I wanted to run into oncoming traffic.

Finally, we get to Vermont. I am ready to ride the road bike and officially deem myself a ‘roadie’. Then, guess what, it started pouring. Not a simple rain shower…I mean pouring rain. Our friends had already begun riding and we decided maybe we needed to rescue them. So, we head out to find our drowning friends and see that they are at the bottom of an 8 mile gap climb. Soaking wet, they decide they are heading up and may decide for a pick up at the top. Mike and I make sure to ride along side them the entire way up. We heckle. I loved making them laugh while they were so miserable. Are guys on team Astana? Wow, you guys are crushing this hill…8 mph! Hey, are you sponsored athletes? And we continued on until they probably wanted to kill us.

Sunday and Monday, birthday day, I actually got to ride 4-5 hours each day plus some runs. I was so happy and successfully learned to ride my road bike aside from the fact that I never get out of the horns and my lower back wants to kill me.

I had the best birthday present yesterday. My Bike Box finally arrived and running socks. I just love a new pair of running socks.