Monday, May 4, 2009

Mega Swim Days

Ironman training day after day, week after week can make for some not so good morning wake ups. Those are the mornings the alarm goes off and the eyes can’t open. Complete exhaustion is felt from fingers to toes. It is the mornings where you are pretty much half dead and wish someone would just put you out of your misery. The worst part is when those horribly tired and sore mornings come on BIG training days. The days you were planning on conquering swim, bike, run in crazy amounts. You know if you attempt your mega training day body parts may detach and you may literally be digging your own grave but as super duper athletes, we think that missing this day will forever hinder our race day goals.

The good news…I am much smarter these days. I had not 1 but 2 days this week where I had to pull the plug on planned workouts. Yes, I was sad. I was completely disappointed yet I knew I was doing the right thing. Intensity was the name of the game last week and let me tell you, it kicked me in the butt big time. What did I do on these PTP days (pulled the plug days)? Well, I did mega swims with yoga and sauna time.

The mega swim. I have this in my repertoire specifically for days I have to skip my big bad training days due to tiredness, soreness, and sleepiness. Mega swims are pretty much anything 6500yards or more. That comes to about 2++ hours in the pool. The thing about my mega swims is that it simply isn’t about quantity but also quality (that is important). Mega swims make me feel accomplished even though I had to skip out on my biking and running workouts.

Here is how Sunday’s Mega swim broke down:

500 warm-up

3x200 on 3:10
3x100 on 1:35
3x50 on 45

150 pull big paddles

2x200 on 2:55
2x100 on 1:30
2x50 on 40

300 pull big paddles

6x150 IM plus 50 free easy
200 pull big paddles

300 hard!

5x50 on 45
8x100 on 1:25

6x150 alternate big/small paddles plus 50 kick
100 easy

4x200 on 3:00

200 cool down


Greg Remaly said...

you amaze me - I haven't swam that long in years, let alone on a day when I don't feel that great - keep it up!