Thursday, May 14, 2009


I first want to say that I am loving the heat, the sun, sweating and the outdoor swimming...all beautiful things. Sunday may be a different story but for now, I am soaking in the goodness.

As of this moment, I am officially racing pro. Yes, I, Kate Pallardy, am racing as a professional athlete. I am a pro on paper yet when it comes to the real deal, I am no pro. It is pretty funny to be racing with the big girls. I am a complete mess. My transitions are absolutely appalling. I have no grace or special secret skills. Most everyone racing Sunday has more experience than me yet what the hell? The worst that happens is I crash and burn. The best is that I pleasantly surprise myself. I basically decided that I have trained my butt off and need to race up in order to become better. The trick is swallowing my pride. I will say it here and now that I will be one of the last pros out of the water and that will make me a little down and out going into T1. The bike and run should go well though I will be chasing. Oh boy...Pain will really be felt Sunday.

No matter what happens...I am doing what I love with the people I love. You can't beat that--well, it wouldn't hurt to pull in a good time or place.