Monday, April 13, 2009

Triathletes Don't Play Tennis

For Easter, I flew home to spend time with the family. Home time means Run Time! This is a good thing. It is very refreshing to only have one training option. So, running it is.

The plan:

15 miles Friday - IM pace
12 miles Saturday - Tempo Run
15 miles Sunday – Beat Fridays Time
15 miles Monday – Survive.

Friday the legs did not feel happy. I thought I definitely had some sludge moving through my veins but my goal was accomplished. I held a 7:35 pace…that’s all I wanted.

Saturday morning I woke up thinking this is not going to be pretty. Can my tempo run include 8 minute miles? I took a deep breath and went for it. I was determined to make this weekend count. I was resolved to crush myself no matter how fast I ran. And here is the Good News---I felt phenomenal. Super Awesome. I ran the whole 12 miles at a 6:40 pace and didn’t even feel that I pushed hard enough. Sometimes you just never know how the body will respond to workouts. Days that I am certain I will be crushed end up being my greatest training days (and vice versa).

Sunday. I was nervous for Sunday but alas, I had another super run. Loved it. The birds were chirping. The sun was shining and I was running. Beat my time on Friday with flying colors. I love beating myself. The legs were sore at the end but I thought that maybe Monday I could pull in a 3-peat!

Bad news. I decided to play tennis. Tennis. Lateral movements. The most injury prone sport. I know now I shouldn’t have played. For awhile I have been battling ‘weak right ankle’ syndrome and then, yep you guessed it, I hurt myself. Right ankle screaming in pain. I am so angry and sad. I almost cried thinking I ruined my whole season. Of course, it isn’t that bad but the thoughts start flooding your mind. Will I ever walk again (dramatic yet still thought it)? What if I can’t run until Florida?

R.I.C.E****My savior. The ice bucket is my new best friend. I scratched the Monday run. I limped all the way back to NYC praying to the triathlon gods for mercy. I will test it tomorrow. No running. Swimming and Riding.

Triathletes Don’t play Tennis.