Thursday, April 16, 2009

Running is in My Future

I still haven’t dared to run with my ankle. I know it wouldn’t be smart. It is slowly getting better. That’s a huge mental bonus. Each day it hurts less and less. Today I was finally able to bike full force. 4x5 mile olympic distance paced intervals with a mile of slow big gear recovery in between. It felt good and I slowly got to unleash the inner beast. I was tentative but no pain was felt.

I had planned to jump on the elliptical for an hour today but wimped out. For one, ellipticals are mindless horrifying machines. and For two, I honestly didn’t think I could handle it if my ankle actually hurt while aboard Mr. Ellip. I opted for plan B and that was a malicious fast paced lift-core-balance workout. I loved it. Felt unbeatable while throwing down (5lb weights) to Eminem. I feel like such a bad ass while working out to Eminem. It is my secret weapon to fast run intervals. Thank you Marshall Bruce Mathers III or I mean Slim Shady or I mean…Eminem. Who has 3 names? That’s awesome.

I have all intentions to attempt a run this weekend. I feel a little disheveled with out running. 5 days without running. I haven’t not ran for five days in 17 years! I am very angry at anything tennis…tennis balls, Andy Roddick – sorry andy, courts, rackets, ball boys. AaaaHHhh! I’m crossing my fingers for the weekend. I have the bike probably working against my running attempt as I am determined to ride 140 miles tomorrow and 65 miles on Saturday. I know…let the ankle rest. Mentally, I can’t do it. I’m stubborn and not smart. I am trying in not the most intelligent way to convince myself I am not injured. Listen. When I trained for ultras, I ran ridiculous volume week after week and injury n’ pain were the name of the game. I ran through some horrible bouts. I limped. I cried. But I finished all runs. No matter the degree of pain. I’m a little smarter now though not by much. I have a lot of work to do on my training intelligence. Don’t do what I do. Let injuries rest and recover properly. Can I get an Amen?!


Christy said...

AMEN!!!!! PS: You are just mad you lost at tennis and now you have an excuse to never have to partake in that ass whooping ever again!