Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Nightmare

Yesterday I conquered my fear. 400 repeats. Now, I will admit it wasn’t as intimidating because it wasn’t on a track but come on now, it is still 400 repeats. 10x400 to be exact.

I know that speed is a necessity in my life and there is only one way to get there…Run Fast! and running fast doesn’t include running semi-fast or marginally fast or a little harder than comfortable pace. Running fast means going balls to the wall. It means legs going jello with lungs simultaneously exiting the body. Yesterday was the first day I have ‘ran fast’ in 2009. I have avoided it as long as possible but ladies and gentleman, the beast has been unleashed (not really. just sounds good).

I was accompanied by my good friend Michael who is the greatest runner I know. He just ran a 2:35 at Boston! He is the one who dragged me into the speed trap. I love him for it because god knows I wouldn’t have run 400 repeats on my own. He comes in at about 65-67 seconds for the 400 and at first he suggested that I start 10 seconds ahead…hahaha. 10 seconds ahead? How about 2 minutes? ok I didn’t do 2 minutes but I got a hearty lead.

It was beautifully hard and painful. I loved every single minute of it. Speed work is here to stay.

Oh yes, my legs hurt so bad today I couldn’t bike or run. I made sure to swim 7k just to feel like I didn’t completely waste a day. Tomorrow hopefully I will be recovered for early morning bike intervals with the guys.