Thursday, April 9, 2009

Missed Another One

My normal wake up now is 7:00am. 7:00am is without an alarm clock and that is a beautiful thing. I typically go to sleep at 9:00pm and sometimes even earlier. I absolutely do not function well without 10+ hours of sleep. Naps don’t cut it either. The problem I have now is that all my boys (cyclist buddies) are starting to get outside and get their butts into tip top shape. Getting outside for them means that at 5:00am our group is off and riding. A 5:00am meet up means a 4:00am wake up. 4:00am! I haven’t made one stickin’ session yet. I am lazy, a sleepoholic. I love my pillow, blankets, comfy cozy bed. But you know what I would love more? Winning! I want to race pro this year and actually not be ‘back of the pack’. So, I am mad at myself. I need the morning pedal until you puke workouts. I need more intensity. I need billions of hill repeats. WHY is 4:00am the worst time ever in the world?

This morning is the last time I skip the boys early morning hammerfest. Nothing comes easy. I promise to be happy about 5:00am crazy workouts.