Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lace Her Up

Today was a tester for my ankle. I was so nervous when I woke up this morning. I felt like it was a race morning. I didn’t do anything yesterday except limp around and feel sorry for myself so today I was crossing my fingers. Is my ankle ‘really’ hurt, ‘kinda’ hurt or just ‘sorta tweeked’? I definitely have great Doctor terminology.

I walked fine to the pool. My 4500 yard swim was fabulous. I had no problems pushing off the wall or kicking hard during sets. Even with the pain free swim, I was not confident that my ankle was going to be able to handle biking.

I pulled out the lace-up brace. This brace has saved me in the past. I gave it a pre-bike pep talk and laced her up.

The 1st pedal on the bike…no pain. 2nd pedal…no pain. 3rd pedal…no pain. Relieved! I was super excited to do a hard bike workout. Hill repeats plus TT. I lacked power due to my ankle being immobile but otherwise all was good.

After I got home from the bike, my ankle was a little achy. I can handle a little achy. I still won’t try any running until Thursday but I am feeling this is just a ‘sorta tweeked’ ankle. A ‘sorta tweeked’ ankle simply needs lots of love and pampering.

I am off to the pool—round 2!