Sunday, April 26, 2009

I want Home

Today was a dreadfully tough day and yes, I said dreadfully. I knew it last night when my right thigh decided to stop working. If a major body part in your body decides not to work then that can probably hinder training. The thigh issue was a result of a phenomenal training day yesterday (that's the good news). It was one of those break through days when you actually surpassed your workout goals and pleasantly surprised yourself.

Yesterday’s Workout

1. 90 mile ride. Attack hills in a crazy hard manner. 70.3 pace 2x15 miles.
Hills did not win today. I Did! I attacked, completely crushed myself but conquered.

2. 5 mile brick run at sub-7 min. pace.
I ran at 6:45 pace! and it was 85 degrees here in NYC. That’s super hot for me.

3. 3000 yard swim. 100 IM set. 200 set.
Felt so good… totally shocked.

Yesterday was a good day but resulted in my absent right thigh disorder. Today I woke up and thigh was still definitely not happy. I decided a nice 125 mile bike ride will snap it into shape. Yikes. I was very wrong. Hill climbing was a no go. I had to put my bike into my easiest little gear on every hill. Swallow pride and cry to myself. And I have something huge to confess (buckle up for this one)…

There is a 5 mile climb right before the half way point on the ride and you know what I did? I grabbed onto Mike’s jersey and he pulled me and my sad quad up the entire damn hill. Yep, I got pulled. I would have even taken a push along with the pull. It was beautiful. I have no shame. Not today, no shame today.

Listen to this little fun bit. About 15 miles from home, on a back rode, we are stopped by a lunatic, screaming, head in his fat big booty New Jersey cop screaming, “F***in turn your asses around. Rode is closed. F**in turn around!” Rode is closed? That is news to me. Where? Why? Is swearing and screaming necessary? He had not one ounce of decency to talk to us in a civilized human manner and kept on cursing and degrading us superb bikers. How dare he! I guess there was a small fire and when I say small, I mean ameba small fire in the woods. Honestly, there was absolutely no reason we could not have passed. The firefighters were eating pizza and slapping high fives for goodness sakes. Trust me, turning around on this road is no small task. If we did actually turn around it would have tagged 20 hilly extra miles to our ride…not happening! So, we camped out. Camped out for an hour. Yes, that’s right. I sat right down in protest and said watch me not only not turn around but completely enjoy not turning around.

Almost a 10 hour journey. 7 hours actually riding. The ride itself---Ugly at best.

Home is magnificent.