Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Good Morning Tuesday!

Last week was a very tough training week. No rest days. No recovery. 7 days straight of riding, running, and swimming. 28 hours of pure quality. No funny business. Sunday night I felt unbeatable. My legs were garbage but I was on top of the world.

Monday morning quickly pulled me down from cloud 9. I felt like I got hit by a bus followed by overweight elephants walking over my legs. I already marked Monday as a recovery day though avoided my typical recovery. Usually, I will do an easy swim with a run or bike plus core. Monday I stayed in bed until 10:00am. I ate all the fruit in the apartment. It was an apple, orange, banana, pineapple, pear FIESTA. I managed to conquer all my chores, laundry, sponsor obligations and was completely exhausted but managed to then eat all the veggies in the apartment plus had a little brown rice binge.

Good Morning Tuesday! I felt recovered. Happy for the challenging training day. Here’s a break down of yesterday:

4,000 yard swim
devilish paddle workout

60 mile bike ride
2 x 10 mile TT
time trial to complete body shutdown

4 mile brick run
7:00 minute miles

Time Trialing on rolling flats is my absolute favorite. That is a bike pain I can handle.
I voluntarily blow myself up because I can’t help but have a need for speed. My friend clocked me and said I averaged 26-27 mph. Mind you…after the interval, I had snot and drool every where and my lungs almost shut down.

Shaky leg syndrome after yesterday. Today just a long, slow recovery day. Tommorow – BUCKLE UP! I am calling it Super Death day.