Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Eat to Live

Diet and Sleep are the two most important components to recovery and increased fitness. Without one or the other, athletes will find themselves in serious trouble.

Too many athletes do not understand proper nutrition. Most people educate themselves through magazines and the internet and that is a major mistake. Any media source is there mainly for the purpose of entertainment, money, and the ‘wow’ factor. I am not saying that all media sources are junk however it can be tricky and very controversial. If you want a valid education on nutrition you have to dig deep and look beyond all the garbage. It is a difficult process. I was lucky enough to start very young but I definitely went through many diets and had frequent self discoveries.

My basic diet is fruit, vegetables, and brown rice. It is low fat, low protein, and high in quality carbs. I do eat occasional nuts on long training rides other than that…I steer clear.

Diet Rule: Fats and Fruits do not mix. Keep fats at night and eat only with veggies or alone. (this little regime saved me big time)

What I DO NOT eat
Legumes (except for peas)
Oil (occasionally I will have olive oil)

Todays menu.

Pre workout – tea + raw honey

30 mile bike with 3x12min. intervals

Post workout – 2 bananas
snack – brown rice

9 mile run. 1st longer run back so 7:40 pace

Post workout – 1 whole pineapple
snack – brown rice

1 hour Gym core/strength session

post workout – 2 scoops Vega with banana and Romaine Lettuce

Dinner: HUGE Salad
(chopped + salt, cinnamon, and stevia)
Wrap it all in Romaine Lettuce – get in your Greens!!!

Night snack – either 2 apples or some raw coconut butter

I have never felt better on this diet. I recover fast. I am super hydrated and it is environmental friendly! On harder training days, I will eat a boat load more fruit and my salad at night grows even larger.


Anonymous said...

hey! im interested in ure thoughts on nutrition and why you choose what you choose. Ive been racing long for years and have been on a continual search to find the right mix for my body--not race fuel-but rather daily nutrition that: aids in recovery; fuels me right; keeps my weight down; doesn't bloat; keeps my energy high. Also any lit that you can refer. Thanks alot! -elizabeth --my email is