Friday, March 20, 2009

Time to get Tough

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time to get tough. Tomorrow is officially a 140-mile bike ride with a deadly brick run. Temperatures are starting in the low 30s warming to a sweltering 50 degrees and the ride will include delightful numerous little hills. The good news is that it is a ONE WAY destination ride. I absolutely could not refuse when there is no turn around involved. I have issues.

I do believe in smart training but I also believe some people train to ‘by the book’ and end up failing miserably on race day. I have never failed miserably on race day. I have however failed miserably on training days. SAG wagon pick-ups occurred 3 times last year and I would like to say that I am proud to have pushed myself so hard that I pee’ed my pants, had drool running down my cheek, and was 100% happy to lie in a ditch spooning my bike while waiting for my pick-up.

Tomorrow will not be pretty. I did a 85-mile ride on Tuesday and it hurt bad so I can only imagine the feeling in 24 hours. The pace will absolutely not be fast but I do know my partner in crime and I will occasionally put our heads down and put in a few solid pushes. We will have a friend meet us at about 70 miles so for all of you out there training on Saturday…know that there will be at least 3 people in pain.

I will report how the ride went. That is if I survive. It is just early in the year and my legs don’t know super endurance yet.

Time to get out of the Comfort Zone!


Ben said...

Hope all is well - Best of luck this season. Remember if you come back to Chicago anytime that I am always happy to hear from ya'

Ben Lin