Monday, March 9, 2009

Quality Trainer Time

The rain was not going to hold off today. Sometimes I am willing to risk getting wet in order to ride outside but today was not that day. The temperature wasn't going to get above 40degrees so I made my trainer home base for 4 hours 30 min. For every ironman athlete, epic trainer rides are pretty much inevitable. The key for me is to trick myself. I get on the bike knowing I was supposed to do a long ride outside though don't officially let myself know the goal time. I have my entire workout printed neatly on 2 sheets. I tape the sheets on the a big breakfast (brown rice, bananas, cinnamon)...and have my background noise ready to go. When I am on the bike, I am working out not watching movies. My focus is on Heart Rate, intervals, making my muscles burn. It is nice to have something on the television just to keep some sort of sanity. Today, I had the Yokun Artic Ultra and the 2007 Badwater ultramarathon to watch. These are great documentaries to have in the background because when I am on a recovery interval I look up to see guys and girls running their 100th mile. Then I get this wave of 'suck it up and push harder' adrenaline. After the movies, I move onto music. I actually took one 5 minute break for some pineapple and the bathroom then right back on.

It was an epic ride. Hard as Hell. I know I will wake up tomorrow hurting. That's both the best and worst feeling! I topped off the day with an awesome 4k swim workout. IM sets are now back in the swim plans full swing and yes, butterfly is paying off. I feel stronger after only 2 weeks of adding fly to the swim regimen.


Greg Remaly said...

wow, i haven't quite topped four hours on the trainer, but I've been very close twice, so i'm really impressed with your 4:30!
I do lots of IM in my swim training - it does help a lot, especially the fly.