Friday, March 13, 2009

Not a Recovery Day

I scheduled my recovery day on a travel day. It always seems like a good idea because I know my training hours are limited and I will be sitting for most of the day. The tricky thing about traveling is that it is absolutely exhausting. I feel better after an 8-hour bike ride then my seven-hour travel expedition yesterday.

I got up at 4:00am and headed to the pool for an awesome 4500yd workout. I am so much stronger as a swimmer than last year and know it is time to, yet again, change my swim set times. Last year at this time my easy 100s were on 1:40 and hard 100s on 1:35 (I was lazy). This year I am actually doing 100s on 1:20 and easy on 1:35 and the best news…I am changing my set times to 100s on 1:10-15. This is exciting mainly due to the fact that my swim training is completely a solo endeavor. I am on my own. No swim partners. No help with workouts. So improvement is 100% due to me. It is a good feeling.

After the pool, my journey to Chicago began. It seemed epic and never ending. I walked to the subway. Took the subway to the airTran. Walked from the airTran to the airport terminal. Got on the plane after a long delay and had a very sore butt on the plane from 3 days of crazy biking so was uncomfortable and losing patience with small seats. Thought I fell asleep for 2 hours to only find I slept 20min. The plane ends up circling for 45 minutes until finally we land. Then, of course, there are baggage issues. We wait 30 min. for our luggage. My mom comes and picks me up and we are driving for 45min. to the house. NOT A RECOVERY DAY! I was wiped out.

There was one great find during this day. Moving Sidewalks are phenomenal. I was thinking if the whole world was made of moving, bouncy sidewalks everyone would want to run. I was like a little kid. I was almost tempted to just keep circling on the moving sidewalks. People may think moving sidewalks are for lazy people but I say they make you feel like you have super powers and incredible walking speed. Maybe I was just little bit delirious!