Monday, March 2, 2009

The New Addition

I have added a new edition to my swim. Butterfly. I have read a few articles here and there about the benefits of adding fly to your swim routine. Of course, I have also heard people preaching that all you need to do is swim free, free, free. Swim free with paddles, pull buoy, and fast sets and you will be ready on race day. But I tend to disagree with the only free mentality.

Fly is very similiar to freestyle. It is a forward stroke utilizing the same muscles as free. The thing about fly is it is an absolute killer. POWER. Fly is like hill repeats on the run. You aren't going to do a super long set of butterfly. You just do bursts (25s or 50s). The lungs burn. The ABs burn. The Lats scream. Though after a fly set, free stlye feels so much easier. Today, I did sets of 25 fly...after I would go straight into a set of 100 free. I actually did 100 free on 1:20s without being completely and utterly smashed.

Butterfly will absolutely make you a more powerful swimmer.