Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Must Do Workout

Yesterday, I did one of my favorite workouts. I actually do this workout once a week. Sometimes it can be mentally hard if your legs or body are not feeling the best. The distances are geared towards half ironman training but can be tweeked to work for any distance.


3:20 bike ride

The 1st half of the ride - bike in comfort zone. Not quite race pace but not sleeping.
2nd half - attack hills hard, 30 min. TT, 70.3 pace riding



Not a brick run. Allow time for proper nutrition after bike. Relax for 1 hour.

7 mile 70.3 race pace run. Then recover 1-2 miles (slow!)



2100 race effort straight swim. Then swim easy (pull buoy) for 900. Plus a few 100s on the clock.



Focus on Core and balance work.

This is an awesome way to get into superior shape. You just have to be true to your abilities and not slack off. Your heart will be in your throat and you should possibly want to vomit.