Tuesday, March 17, 2009

But it hurts...

I really did convince myself that if I only ran for 4 days then when I came back home and got on my beautiful bike…my legs would feel refreshed and ready to ride. Today, I was not ready to ride and was far from refreshed but I did miss me bike. I knew at the first pedal that the running took its toll on my legs. Luckily, I had my wonderful training partner with me who had 400 miles in his legs over the past 6 days so the pain was mutual.

The plan was a 5 hour ride with hills. Pretty much a flat push out to the hills. Climb, descend, climb, descend, climb, descend. Flat push back home.

Simple, right?

It was tough. I took advantage of my riding partner and drafted my lazy arse all the way to the hills. Thank you Tommy! Once the hills came, the pain began. I was doing ok until we made the decision to make our refueling stop at 3 hours not 2:15 due to the cold. I had no food with me and at the last climb before Food, I was at the bonk point.

After the stop, I wasn’t feeling better. I had the super deep leg fatigue. We had 3 more of the lovely hills left. These were shorter (4 minute) type climbs and I was ready to simply put it in the easiest gear and survive. Tommy had another plan (where did he get the energy?). On the 1st hill, Tommy passes me and yells, “Kate, you better come with me. Don’t be lazy!” Damn it Tommy. I have to go. I don’t try and pass him but get behind him and hang on. Then I got fired up…Tommy, you are officially going to pay for making me suffer. As we came to the next climb, I dug deep and wanted to pass Tommy at incredible superhero speeds so that he had no chance of staying with me. I threw it down (or up) and flew but it hurt. I almost vomited, pittled my pants, fell over, and hallucinated due to lack of oxygen but Tommy had no chance. I loved it.

Home was a beautiful site. I vowed to take care of my legs. Tomorrow…hello pool.