Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blood Bath

Today the treadmill was officially a blood bath. I knew it was going to be a tough run as my legs were feeling like jello but blood? That was a little gift from the blister gods. Last week, I upped my running miles and intensity. I only added 5 extra miles but with intensity on top of that…let’s just say pain was felt and is still being felt. I can’t really think of any other reason why my feet decided to fall apart.

The basic idea of the treadmill run today was hard ½ mile intervals with a ½ mile recovery for 5 miles then a 10k at 70.3 race pace. All together it was about 12 miles. The blood bath occurred at approximately mile 4. The dreaded blister appeared on not 1 foot but 2. I thought, “What the hell?” I proceeded to run. Bloody. Painful. Probably mentally good practice for race day because I guarantee that at one race I will get a blister. So, I ran and continued to run harder. Then more blood. Now, my toe nail sort of decides to release itself from my body. Yuck and Ouch. At this point in the workout, I thought about throwing myself to the treadmill and simply allowing it to fling me off into a sad little pile of blisters and blood.

No worries…I finished. Of course, I had to endure the stares of fellow gym members as it looked as though I slit both ankles. Sometimes it takes a little blood, sweat, and tears to get to the top!