Monday, March 23, 2009

Bad 2 Good

The 140 mile ride was conquered. I had a mental break down at about 25 miles and almost pulled the plug and rode home. 25 miles. Not at 100…25, that’s not good. I had one of those mornings where you wake up and everything feels as though it is malfunctioning. My legs were bricks. My stomach wasn’t feeling the best. My right ankle was acting up again. And my complaint list went on and on. Did I mention it was freezing?

I thought there is no way I can finish this ride. Mike knew I was struggling. It was all mental at that point but this girl needed a pick me up. Then I was given the ultimate pep talk – Thank You Mike! Giving up wasn’t an option so I just pedaled forward…sad and depressed. At about 3 hours, things starting looking up. The sun was out. The water bottles unfroze. The ankle pain miraculously disappeared. I was laughing like a little school girl and was like a little happy gazelle climbing the hills. I was ready for the next 5 hours!

The worst part about a one way bike ride is that you can either be cursed or blessed with the wind. We were cursed. Headwind Hell. After about 80 miles, the ride becomes flat. I decided that if I was given the option I would rather hills than flats with a hard headwind.

At 110 mile, we had our EAT stop. I needed food and a lot of it. Our option…Random gas station probably not restocked since 1980. I ordered a veggie wrap which basically meant iceberg lettuce and a tomato. There were only 2 bananas! I cleared them out of chex mix and still was starving. Oh well, next stop—destination! Whoop. Whoop.

The last 1h30m was the most fun and the fastest. I felt great. Super great. Where did it come from? I was loving it. It had to be the chex mix. Flying home with a smile on my face. The last 2 miles of this ride is a 2 mile tough climb. I decided I had to try and take it. It was the best feeling to end on a high. As for the brick run, I was told that it was stupid to do. No arguments here. I went straight to the bananas.


Greg Remaly said...

salty chex mix is delicious - that was indubitably the reason why the last 30 miles kicked ass. I still remember eating about a gallon of that stuff after racing Wildflower '04 - so good!

Kate said...

Yes. Yes. Yes. Chex mix is my hero.