Saturday, March 14, 2009

15, 11, 11, 15

I am visiting the family for a few days. I have no access to a pool or a bike so it is just me and my running shoes. The good thing is my legs are requesting a much needed break from the bike.

When you only have the option to run, life is so much simpler. When I was training for ultra marathons, I never had to look at weather or worry about flat tires…I simply ran and ran a lot. For ultras, a 15-hour week is a huge training week. For triathlons, you need to do twice that and a little extra to get to the top. Oh, the simplicity of running!

Friday - easy 15 mile run.
Saturday - 11 mile run with an 8 mile 70.3 race pace interval (just a little faster)
Sunday – 11 miles with hard, shorter intervals
Monday – easy 15 mile run possibly swim/spin at night (flying home)

This weekend I consider Lite training but definitely not recovery. 50 plus miles in four days is not easy. I only finished Saturday’s run and my calves are already screaming. It probably doesn’t help that before I left Thursday, I did an insane amount of hard biking just so I didn’t miss my bike too much while I was away. At least the weather is beautiful…and my pale legs may actually get to see the sun tomorrow!