Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Beauty of Numbers and Training

I absolutely love numbers. Time trained. Miles ran. Laps swum. Bike hours pedaled. Calories ate. It is all very intriguing to me. I have a little of the John Nash from Beautiful Mind thing going on with my obsession of numbers and documenting workouts. I am not completely insane but almost. After a workout, I run right to my not 1 but 2 training logs. I love recording all the nitty gritties of the workout.

Today’s swim workout is a beautiful example. I will break down my workout into delightful little numbers.

7100 total yards

1000 yard warm up

35x100 on 1:35
3x200 on 3:00
12x75 on 1:10
4x150 on 2:25 (recovery set)
8x50 on 40, 45

100 cool down

Total time
* 2:05

Calories Pre-workout: 5 bananas – 500
1 scoop chai vega – 120
5 Romaine leaves – 30

650 calories

Aren’t numbers so stimulating?!?